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Furnace and Duct Cleaning

Top methods of cleaning (Hi-Power Whip and Hi-Power Rotary Brush- highest level of cleaning). Cleaning conforms to NADCA Standards

Commercial Cleaning

We Clean the whole list!
Roof Top Units, Boilers, VAV Boxes, Re-Heat Coils and Exhaust Fan Coil Units

Eye opening Guarantee

We are a family owned and operated business and we guarantee all our work.
Here's what others have said.


Our techs have 23 years of HVAC (heating vetilation and air conditioning) experiance and conform to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) standards. Our knowledge and experience make us industry leaders for both residential and commercial service from basement to roof. We are sought after by the likes of hospitals and apartment buildings because of our innovation and expertise.


To challenge ourselves while executing a consistently above standard quality of expertise.
To provide highly qualified technicians.
To meet and excede our clients expectations.


We serve our customers with honesty, integrity and competence.
We inform the customer of our assesment and all its details.
We do not act unless the customer agrees
We will not just accomodate our clients but educate them.
We put our customers first; In all aspects of our business.


These testemonials and reviews are copied from FaceBook, Google, Yelp, Groupon, Homestars and more

Duct Cleaning review in Calgary
About 4 years ago
I found Brushing and Beyond through Groupon. Sometimes you expect to get poor service when you use those group buying sites, however that was not the case with this company. When I called to book the appointment, I was pleasantly surprised with the friendly service I received from Deb. She went through the entire process step by step. She let me know about all their additional services but at no point did she force me into buying something I didn't want or need. The technician, was also friendly and completed the job as advertised

January 16 at 8:48 AM ·
I would recommend Brushing and beyond 1000 times!! They were the only company that I called when gathering quotes that was informative and explained the process and pricing structure. Happy and excitingly! Bev was super! And Trevor who cleaned out our furnace and vents was very professional and also explained what he was doing. Our vents were pretty bad!! So it’s very nice to know my family is breathing cleaner air!! You guys are top knotch!!!! 10 stars!!! 😊

2 service guys came to our home. They were very professional and efficient throughout the job. Our heating system had a lot of dust and debris from renos over the winter. They installed an access in our heating duct plenum, cleaned the furnace and blower, and brushed and blew out all the ducts thoroughly. It was well worth getting the brushing. They left everything clean and closed up the furnace and access properly. The price was as described when I booked. Good communication from the office. Overall high quality job and service, definitely was a 5/5 from my experience today.

 December 14, 2018
Very knowledgeable. Good job, very thorough. Lots of extra costs over and above the package but we were aware of them in advance, except for the environmental fee

This was the first time I used a vent cleaning service - I found them to be very professional, helpful and courteous. The price was good for the work that was done as well. I find I breathe better at night as well. I've already recommended them to my family.

Trevor was awesome! If you want your furnace cleaning done right, do it through Brushing and Beyond! Over the years, I have gone through several different companies and none of them had offered to create an access panel to my furnace. Brushing and Beyond explained very well why it was needed so this makes me believe the other companies did not do a proper job


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Our Contacts


We service both Calgary and Edmonton including places around and between both.


Calgary: 403-225-3334
Edmonton: 780-999-7378


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Working Hours:

We normally work from 9-5 Monday to Friday but are felxible. If you have an emergency we are always available.